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Cookies Galore: 11 Must-Try Spots in Austin!

Austin, Texas is a city known for its vibrant music scene and delicious food. While barbecue and Tex-Mex may be the first cuisines that come to mind, Austin is also home to some of the best cookies in the country.

From classic chocolate chip to unique flavors like lavender and lemon, there's something for everyone.

Whether you're a local or just visiting for a few days, seeking out the best cookies in Austin should be at the top of your to-do list.

With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide where to start. That's why we've put together this guide to help you navigate the cookie scene in Austin.

In this blog post, we'll be sharing our top picks for the best places to find delicious cookies in Austin. We've scoured the city to find the most mouth-watering treats, from cozy bakeries to trendy cafes.

So whether you're looking for a sweet snack to enjoy on a lazy afternoon or a special treat to share with friends, we've got you covered. Get ready to indulge in some of the best cookies Austin has to offer!

1. Crumbl Cookies – Sunset Valley

Crumbl Cookies - Sunset Valley
5207 Brodie Ln Suite 110, Austin, TX 78745 (Google Maps)

Crumbl Cookies – Sunset Valley is a dessert shop that offers a variety of delicious and unique cookies.

They have a rotating menu of flavors, so there is always something new to try.

The cookies are big and perfect for sharing with friends and family. The staff is friendly and quick to serve.

They also have an easy-to-use tablet ordering system. If you're a cookie lover, this place is definitely worth checking out.

2. The Baked Bear

The Baked Bear
211 Walter Seaholm Dr Suite LR150, Austin, TX 78701 (Google Maps)

The Baked Bear is a dessert shop that offers decadent custom ice cream sandwiches made with artisanal ice cream and house-made cookies.

Their cookies are delicious, earning five stars from many customers. The staff is lovely and the atmosphere is nice, with a spacious outdoor area to hang around.

The prices are affordable, and the portions are huge. Vegan ice cream is available, but unfortunately, they do not offer vegan cookies yet.

The only downside is that the place can be hard to find since it's hidden. Nevertheless, it's worth the effort to try their amazing cookie sandwiches that will satisfy your sweet tooth for a long time.

3. Nuha's Sinful Desserts

Nuha's Sinful Desserts
1017 Barton Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78704 (Google Maps)

Nuha's Sinful Desserts serves up some of the best cookies in town. The warm, chewy treats are always fresh and full of flavor.

With fun names like "Greed" (S'mores) and "Sloth" (Peanut Butter), customers can indulge in their favorite sin.

The dessert truck also offers ice cream and drinks to complement their delicious cookies.

Though parking may be a challenge, the sinful desserts are worth the extra effort. Cookie lovers will not be disappointed with a visit to Nuha's Sinful Desserts.

4. Kellie's Baking Co

Kellie's Baking Co
5245 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 78756 (Google Maps)

Kellie's Baking Co is a bakery that specializes in creative confections, such as cookies, cakes and candy, mostly for special events.

If you're looking for the best cookies in town, this is the place to go. The chocolate chip cookie is a must-try and is seriously addictive.

The shop is bright, colorful and fun, with a friendly staff that provides excellent customer service.

They also offer custom cookies with logos on them, which is perfect for corporate gifts or any kind of Austin-inspired gift. If you're a tourist or a local, Kellie's Baking Co is definitely worth checking out.

5. Great American Cookies

Great American Cookies
2901 S Capital of Texas Hwy space J02A, Austin, TX 78746 (Google Maps)

Great American Cookies is a cookie shop that offers a variety of delicious cookies, cookie cakes, and brownies.

They are known for their consistent quality and specialty flavors, making them a go-to spot for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Their staff is friendly and provides excellent customer service, ensuring that customers get exactly what they want at a great price.

Whether you're looking for a treat after shopping or need a cookie cake for a celebration, Great American Cookies has got you covered.

6. Moonlight Bakery

Moonlight Bakery
2300 S Lamar Blvd #102, Austin, TX 78704 (Google Maps)

Moonlight Bakery is a small, local bakery that excels in their craft. Their pastries, rolls, and bread are served at restaurants around the city.

They offer an array of breads and spiffy cakes, but their cookies are the real standout.

The little oatmeal cookies are scrumptious, and their chocolate chip cookies are a fan favorite.

The prices are affordable, and the service is friendly. Moonlight Bakery is a true gem in the city, and a must-visit for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Tiff's Treats Cookie Delivery
1806 Nueces St, Austin, TX 78701 (Google Maps)

Tiff's Treats Cookie Delivery offers a variety of fresh-baked cookies, brownies, and ice cream sandwiches for pickup or delivery.

Their online ordering system is user-friendly, and they have multiple locations with extended hours.

The staff is friendly and accommodating, and the warm cookies are a crowd-pleaser. They also offer gift packages and corporate gifts.

Tiff's Treats Cookie Delivery is a great option for anyone with a sweet tooth or looking for a gift.

8. Baked by Amy's

Baked By Amy's
2109 Northland Dr, Austin, TX 78756 (Google Maps)

Baked by Amy's is a delightful bakery that offers a variety of treats including cupcakes, macarons, cookies, and cakes.

The staff is friendly and the flavors change regularly to keep customers coming back. The chocolate tres leches cupcake is a must-try and the filled cupcakes are a nice surprise.

The bakery also offers decorating classes for those who want to learn how to make their own treats at home.

Baked by Amy's is a great spot for anyone with a sweet tooth looking for something delicious.

9. Joe's Bakery & Coffee Shop

Joe's Bakery & Coffee Shop
2305 E 7th St, Austin, TX 78702 (Google Maps)

Joe's Bakery & Coffee Shop is a family-run Mexican restaurant and bakery that serves up some of the best cookies in town.

While the place is always packed, the friendly and attentive staff make the wait worthwhile.

The homemade tortillas are the perfect complement to any meal, and the pan dulce is a must-try. Even if you're not a fan of Mexican food, the cookies alone are worth the visit.

With reasonable prices and great food, Joe's Bakery & Coffee Shop is a local favorite that never disappoints.

10. Hayley Cakes and Cookies

Hayley Cakes And Cookies
1700 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704 (Google Maps)

Hayley Cakes and Cookies is a must-visit for anyone with a sweet tooth. Their beautifully decorated cookies are a treat for both the eyes and the taste buds.

The bakery offers a wide variety of baked goods, including brownies, bars, cupcakes, and cakes, all of which are as delicious as they look.

The staff is friendly and helpful, and the shop has a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Whether you're looking for a special treat for yourself or a gift for someone else, Hayley Cakes and Cookies is the perfect place to satisfy your sweet cravings.

11. Sugar Mama's Bakeshop

Sugar Mama's Bakeshop
1905 S 1st St, Austin, TX 78704 (Google Maps)

Sugar Mama's Bakeshop is a well-known bakery that offers a wide variety of desserts.

From cupcakes to cookies, bars to mini-pies, they have it all. Their desserts are not only delicious but also beautifully crafted.

The staff is friendly and accommodating, making the experience even more delightful. They also offer vegan and gluten-free options, catering to customers with dietary restrictions.

The vintage space adds to the charm of the place, making it a must-visit for anyone with a sweet tooth.