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Hooked on Austin’s Finest: 8 Must-Try Fish and Chips Joints!

Austin may be known for its BBQ and Tex-Mex, but a good plate of fish and chips can be just what you need to hit the spot.

Whether you're a longtime resident or a visitor to the city, you'll want to make sure you hit up some of the best places for this classic dish.

Fish and chips is a beloved dish that originated in the United Kingdom, but it has since become a popular staple all over the world.

The dish consists of battered fish and deep-fried potatoes, often served with a side of tartar sauce or malt vinegar. It's a simple but satisfying meal that's perfect for lunch, dinner, or even a quick snack.

In Austin, you'll find a diverse range of fish and chips options that cater to all tastes and preferences. Some places serve up classic, no-frills versions of the dish, while others put their own unique spin on it with creative toppings and sauces.

Whether you're in the mood for traditional fish and chips or something a little more adventurous, you're sure to find a place that suits your needs.

1. Mongers

4119 Guadalupe St, Austin, TX 78751 (Google Maps)

Mongers is a seafood restaurant and market that offers creative takes on Southern fare.

Their fish and chips are a must-try, with fresh and juicy fish coated in perfectly crispy batter.

The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, making for a pleasant dining experience.

Prices are moderate, and the atmosphere is above average. If you're a seafood lover, Mongers is definitely worth a visit.

2. Swift's Attic

Swift's Attic
315 Congress Ave., Austin, TX 78701 (Google Maps)

Swift's Attic is a stylish and retro-chic restaurant that offers a unique twist on traditional fish and chips. The menu features creative small plates that are well executed and packed with flavor.

The restaurant also offers a great selection of craft beer and cocktails that are perfect for pairing with the dishes.

The ambiance is cozy and elegant, making it a perfect spot for a night out with friends or a romantic dinner.

The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and the service is prompt and courteous. If you're looking for a great place for fish and chips, Swift's Attic is definitely worth checking out.

3. Garbo's

12709 N Mopac Expy, Austin, TX 78727 (Google Maps)

Garbo's is a cozy New England seafood spot that started as a food truck. The restaurant's decor is charming and inviting, and the service is friendly and attentive.

The fish and chips are a must-try, along with the crab cakes and lobster roll.

The portions are generous, and the seafood is fresh and made with top-quality ingredients. The prices are a bit high, but the overall dining experience is worth it.

Garbo's is highly recommended for seafood lovers looking for a unique and delicious meal.

4. Smash ATX

Smash Atx
213 W 5th St, Austin, TX 78701 (Google Maps)

Looking for a fun lunch spot downtown with great fish and chips and a unique atmosphere to boot, look no further than Smash ATX.

This restaurant combines delicious food with ping pong tables, making it a great spot for a quick lunch or a fun night out with friends.

The staff is friendly and attentive, and the homemade fries are a must-try.

Don't miss out on this cool concept restaurant in downtown Austin.

5. Oasthouse Kitchen + Bar

Oasthouse Kitchen + Bar
8300 N FM 620 e, Austin, TX 78726 (Google Maps)

Oasthouse Kitchen + Bar is a must-visit for fish and chips lovers.

The food and service are generally good, with occasional greatness. The beer list is excellent and well-curated.

The portions are perfect, and the atmosphere is pleasant.

The restaurant is family-friendly and features locally sourced pub grub. If you're in the area, it's worth a visit.

6. Baker St. Pub & Grill

Baker St. Pub & Grill
3003 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704 (Google Maps)

Baker St. Pub & Grill is a British-style hangout that offers a menu of bar food staples, including fish and chips.

The fish is cooked to perfection with a crispy batter and served with a generous portion of fries. The tartar sauce is a great accompaniment to the dish.

The pub has a convivial atmosphere and is a great spot to hang out with friends.

The outdoor seating area is a plus, and the staff is friendly and attentive. Baker St. Pub & Grill is a must-visit for fish and chips lovers.

7. Cedar Door Patio Bar & Grill

Cedar Door Patio Bar & Grill
201 Brazos St Bldg A, Austin, TX 78701 (Google Maps)

Cedar Door Patio Bar & Grill is a great place for fish and chips.

The food is delicious and the atmosphere is lively. The service is good and the beer selection is impressive.

The patio is a nice spot to enjoy drinks and food with friends.

The fish and chips are a must-try, and the menu also offers other tasty options. The overall experience is enjoyable and worth a visit.

8. Hyde Park Bar & Grill – Westgate

Hyde Park Bar & Grill - Westgate
4521 West Gate Blvd Ste B, Austin, TX 78745 (Google Maps)

Hyde Park Bar & Grill – Westgate is a neighborhood grill that serves American fare and seafood dishes, including fish and chips.

The food is delicious and the portions are generous. The service is quick and friendly, making it a great spot for a casual meal.

The atmosphere is relaxed and the seating is comfortable. They have a good selection of drinks, including wine and cocktails.

The prices are reasonable, making it a good value for the money.