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Get Your BBQ Fix: 12 Finger-Lickin’ Spots for Ribs in Austin!

Austin, Texas is a city that takes its food seriously. From breakfast tacos to barbecue, Austin's culinary scene has something for everyone. But when it comes to ribs, Austin takes it to the next level.

Whether you prefer dry-rubbed or saucy, fall-off-the-bone or a little bit of chew, there's a rib joint in Austin that will satisfy your cravings.

Ribs are a staple of Texas cuisine, and Austin is no exception. The city is home to some of the best rib joints in the state, if not the country.

From small, family-owned establishments to hip, trendy spots, there's no shortage of options when it comes to finding the perfect rack of ribs.

One of the great things about Austin's rib scene is the variety. You can find traditional Texas-style ribs that are slow-smoked over mesquite or oak wood, as well as ribs that take inspiration from other parts of the country, like Memphis-style dry rub or Kansas City-style sauce.

And while some of the best rib joints in Austin are located in the heart of the city, others are tucked away in the surrounding suburbs, making for a fun road trip to discover the best of the best.

So whether you're a local looking for your next rib fix, or a visitor in search of the ultimate Texas barbecue experience, Austin has got you covered.

Get ready to sink your teeth into some of the best ribs you've ever tasted.

1. Stiles Switch BBQ

Stiles Switch Bbq
6610 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78752 (Google Maps)

Stiles Switch BBQ is a must-visit for anyone who loves barbecue. The pork ribs are amazing and don't need any sauce.

The brisket is cooked to perfection and the sausage is made in-house and tastes incredible. The sides are also noteworthy, especially the potato salad and brussel sprouts.

The atmosphere is casual and welcoming, making it a great spot for families and friends.

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and the local Texas brewed IPA is a must-try. Don't leave without trying the pie for dessert.

2. Jim's Smokehouse BBQ

Jim's Smokehouse Bbq
4608 Ranch Rd 620, Austin, TX 78732 (Google Maps)

Jim's Smokehouse BBQ is a food truck that serves outstanding BBQ meat and tacos.

The ribs and brisket are smoked to perfection and the portions are generous.

The creamy mac n cheese and corn are also delicious. The food truck has a covered terrace for customers to enjoy their meals.

The restaurant is a must-visit for those looking for great BBQ in the area.

3. Rudy's Bar-B-Q

Rudy's Bar-B-Q

Rudy's Bar-B-Q is a down-home Texas BBQ chain that serves up some of the best brisket and ribs around.

The meats are juicy, tender, and perfectly smoked, and the two types of sauces on the table add just the right amount of flavor.

Sides like the cream corn and peach cobbler are also must-tries. The indoor picnic table setting is no-frills, but the staff is always friendly and ready to serve.

It's a great value for the price, making it a go-to spot for low-key and delicious BBQ.

4. Moreno Barbecue

Moreno Barbecue
5608 Menchaca Rd, Austin, TX 78745 (Google Maps)

Looking for some authentic Texas-style barbecue ribs that will satisfy your cravings for smoky and juicy meat with a perfect bark and flavor that will make your taste buds dance with joy!

Look no further than Moreno Barbecue. This small restaurant offers a great selection of meats, including pork belly, brisket, and sausage that are all cooked to perfection.

The sauces are fantastic and complement the meats well. However, the ribs could use some work as they were not as tender as expected.

The prices are reasonable, and the staff is friendly and helpful. Moreno Barbecue is a must-visit place for anyone who loves BBQ and wants to try some of the best meats in town.

5. SLAB BBQ & Beer

Slab Bbq & Beer
2701 W William Cannon Dr, Austin, TX 78745 (Google Maps)

SLAB BBQ & Beer is a must-visit spot for barbecue lovers. Their specialty BBQ sandwiches are a treat for the taste buds.

The ribs are tender and packed with flavor, and the strawberry habanero glaze adds a unique twist. Vegetarians can also enjoy their delicious sides.

The staff is friendly and attentive, making for a pleasant dining experience. The outdoor seating area is perfect for enjoying some beer with your meal.

COVID-19 precautions are taken seriously, with options for curbside, patio, and dine-in service. Don't miss out on this casual and hip-hop inspired barbecue joint.

6. Distant Relatives

Distant Relatives
3901 Promontory Point Dr, Austin, TX 78744 (Google Maps)

Distant Relatives is a BBQ food truck that serves some of the best ribs in town. The meat is tender and juicy, with just the right amount of seasoning.

The brisket is also a crowd favorite, with thick slices that are moist and flavorful. The sides are equally impressive, with fresh pickled vegetables and unique flavors.

Despite being located inside a brewery, the food truck has a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Prices are reasonable, and the service is fast and friendly.

If you're in the mood for some mouth-watering ribs, Distant Relatives is definitely worth a visit.

7. Dirty Glove Midwest BBQ LLC

Dirty Glove Midwest Bbq Llc
1716 W Howard Ln, Austin, TX 78728 (Google Maps)

Dirty Glove Midwest BBQ LLC is a must-visit for anyone craving mouth-watering BBQ ribs and brisket.

They also serve delicious sausage and classic barbeque sides like mac and cheese, beans, and potato salad.

The food truck has a cool vibe and friendly owner/chef.

The operation is mainly for take-out, but it's worth it for the delicious food. Don't miss out on this fantastic BBQ spot.

8. Black's Barbecue Austin

Black's Barbecue Austin
3110 Guadalupe St, Austin, TX 78705 (Google Maps)

Black's Barbecue Austin is a must-visit spot for anyone craving mouth-watering ribs. Their beef ribs are phenomenal, and the pork ribs are amazing.

The brisket, however, can be dry. The service is great, and the beer selection is decent.

The sides are also delicious, especially the coleslaw, potato salad, and mac and cheese.

The prices are in-line with other BBQ joints, so it's worth the visit. The outdoor patio is a nice place to sit and enjoy your meal.

9. Cooper's Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que

Cooper's Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que
217 Congress Ave., Austin, TX 78701 (Google Maps)

Cooper's Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que is a classic BBQ joint that serves up delicious ribs straight from the pit.

The seasoning on the ribs is spot on and the meat is incredibly tender. The sausage also has a great flavor.

The service is excellent, even when the place gets crowded. The atmosphere is casual and laid-back with picnic table seating.

Prices are reasonable for the quality of the food. Definitely worth checking out if you're a BBQ lover.

10. Lamberts

401 W 2nd St, Austin, TX 78701 (Google Maps)

Lamberts is a popular spot for those looking for delicious ribs.

The brisket is smokey and the ribs are juicy, making for a satisfying meal. On Mondays, visitors can enjoy half off on the ribs.

The menu offers a variety of options, each with their own distinct flavors. The mashed potatoes are a standout side dish.

The service is great and the atmosphere is enjoyable. If you're in the mood for inventive Texas BBQ, Lamberts is a must-try.

11. Vic's Bar-B-Que

Vic's Bar-B-Que
3502 Burleson Rd, Austin, TX 78741 (Google Maps)

Looking for a no-frills barbecue joint that serves up some of the best ribs in town at affordable prices, look no further than Vic's Bar-B-Que.

This family-owned restaurant may not have the fanciest decor, but their beef ribs are juicy, flavorful, and fall-off-the-bone tender.

The sausage and brisket are also worth trying, and their homemade hot sauce adds a nice kick to any dish.

The friendly staff and laid-back atmosphere make it a great spot to grab a quick lunch or dinner. Just be sure to get there early, as they sometimes run out of meat.

12. Oakwood BBQ & Beer Garden

Oakwood Bbq & Beer Garden
307 E Braker Ln, Austin, TX 78753 (Google Maps)

Oakwood BBQ & Beer Garden is a casual barbecue joint that serves Texas-style ribs.

The meat falls off the bone and the homemade sauce is a must-try. The outdoor patio is spacious and perfect for families with kids and dogs.

The variety of local draft beer is a plus. The atmosphere is rustic and authentic, making it a great spot for BBQ lovers.

The friendly staff and quick service make it a must-visit.